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Just a quick note to say thanks for the nice photo shots taken at my daughter 1st birthday party last 3 weeks. All my guests had fun & great night with the humbly & great services provided.
Danny Woon
Your staff were very professional during the entire photo session. It was indeed a very fun quirky way to create sweet memories with my precious family & friends on my 21st birthday.
Denise Camillia, Miss Astro 2012
Independent team who is not only professional but fun & friendly is the key to our guests heart. Thanks for making this event a wonderful celebration of pic-gasmic experiences.
Tammy Lim, Founder of The Butterly Project
They were very professional and reliable. Our guests were very happy to get instant photo prints and it was the easiest way to give everyone a good memory of a fun night!
Suzanna Sze

Top 5 things we love about Raya

Everyone loves Raya and there are countless things that one should be grateful for when it comes to celebrating it. Today, we are going to share the top 5 things we love the most about Raya to you.

1. It is all about the food
One's Hari Raya will never be complete without scrumptious rendang, ketupat and mouth-watering kuih raya that will cause you to salivate at the very sight of it. Whet your appetite with savory feasts and for once, you are excused to forget about dieting.

2. New clothing on Hari Raya
Hari raya is the best day for one to wear a new garment. A traditional baju kurung and baju melayu are some of the clothing worn on Hari Raya. A shopping spree for raya should not be missed!

3. Duit Raya
When you were kids, duit raya is the next best thing about Raya. It makes you feel good wherever you go from house to house and get duit raya in return. But now that you are an adult, it is your time to return the favour.

4. Hari Raya song
Everyone, young and old would sing along to the nostalgic Hari Raya songs. The perennial Hari Raya songs are definitely a must to listen to on this month.

5. Hari Raya Photo Booth
Brighten your Hari Raya celebrations with Hari Raya Photo Booth. We love that everything is customisable. From the raya photo booth design up to your own choices of raya photo booth prop that are so cool and memorable.

Don't believe us? Why not give us a call and book a slot with us for you to have a fun-filled raya experience this year!