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Just a quick note to say thanks for the nice photo shots taken at my daughter 1st birthday party last 3 weeks. All my guests had fun & great night with the humbly & great services provided.
Danny Woon
Your staff were very professional during the entire photo session. It was indeed a very fun quirky way to create sweet memories with my precious family & friends on my 21st birthday.
Denise Camillia, Miss Astro 2012
Independent team who is not only professional but fun & friendly is the key to our guests heart. Thanks for making this event a wonderful celebration of pic-gasmic experiences.
Tammy Lim, Founder of The Butterly Project
They were very professional and reliable. Our guests were very happy to get instant photo prints and it was the easiest way to give everyone a good memory of a fun night!
Suzanna Sze

Say Thank You to Your Employees with our Creative Corporate Event Ideas

It is important for the employer to boost the morale of their employees and what would be a better way to do so if not by holding a corporate event as a way for you to thank them for their dedications?

A dinner serves its purpose to ensure a healthy relationship and great bonds but how about we turn the table around and let your employees have a great time at your corporate event with our three simple ideas.

1. Host a themed dinner or event
It is going to be awesome! Usually, they are all dressed up in a uniform and casually but this is their chance to shine. Let your employees have fun in dressing up in line with the theme and get dolled up the way they want it to be.

2. Team Building Experience plus..vacation
Once in a while, even you yourself as an employer needs to take time off. Both employers and employee will benefit more in spending time together either in the wilderness or doing something fun away from the company. Whether you choose to go on a vacation with your staffs or planning outdoorsy activities for them, they are surely going to love it.

3. Hire a Corporate Event Photo Booth
Photo booth is like the next best form of entertainment that you can offer to your employees. Whether you are organising a company dinner, a team building event or many more, rent a photo booth today like 123 Cheese as we can cater to lots of events with the option of you to choose your backdrops, printable props and many more. Give them another reason to smile and to love you (of course) today!