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Food and venue both are important while planning an event. However, one should also consider on how to preserve the memory of the event, through videos and photos taken on that day. Some event might hold annually, but some event might just hold once in a life time. Photo booth is one of the best ways to make sure the guests of the reception have a great time with memories they can literally keep forever. But, how to choose a right photo booth that worth for the price you paid? Choosing a wrong photo booth might ruin your whole event or wedding. Here are some tips for you:

1. Appearance of the booth

Photo booth set up overall should be pleasing to your eyes and everyone else. Guests who passed by the booth will be captivated by the appearance and feel welcome to capture a photo.


2. Cost

Not everyone can afford a high price for such entertainment. Before looking for a company, picture the needs of an event such as amount of guests, hours needed and most importantly budget of the organiser. Once budget is established, it would be much easier to look for one that suits the needs. It will be best to know the company and what they can offer you at a certain budget. Do not hesitate to ask them for more information.


3. Instant Print

Photo booth photos are given to guests instantly. It will be great if the guests can collect their photos right after they put down the props. Do question the photo booth company printing speed of a piece of photo. (Average 20sec) Of course, do not expect to get instantly if the queue is long. Usually, photo booth company will print one for each guests although it is a group photo.


Photo credit: Cornelius Lim |  Taken from: www.hannahtan.com

4. Style of the photo booth

Open concept booths are considered more fun for and event or wedding which can hold more than 10 people, making them ideal for group photos. You may want to capture a family portrait as it may be a rare opportunity for you. Open concept photobooth also allow interaction between photographer and guests while taking photo. Photographers are able to give ideas and help position the guests for perfect moment.


5. After Sale Service

Of course you will wish to receive all the soft copies as fast as possible to avoid the mood of the event calmed down. Choosing a company with high efficiency is very important of course it will be great if they do provide minor touch up. Besides, provide online gallery allows your guests to download their photos and print it larger to hang it on their house.



No matter how high tech or efficient is them, most and most importantly is you are comfortable while talking to the sales person and designer in order to fulfill your needs and wants. You usually will receive more benefit if you book it earlier too! Visit http://123cheese.my/photo-booth-package/ to book your package now! 😉