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Having a photobooth at your special day is one way to make your event been the most outstanding event.  People won’t stop talking about how great your event was.  But having a photobooth only is not enough.  Increase the excitement by adding fun and funky props to your guest before they enter the photobooth.


Popular props such as big lips/mouth, fake mustache, bow ties, ribbons, cloud etc. can be done (DIY) by yourself.  But there are also certain props you can buy in the craft or gift shop such as over sized sunglasses, wigs, funny hats such as pirate hats, baseball hats, cowboy hats , jewelry, chalkboard etc.

If it is a themed event, then you might no need too many props because your guest outfit can be their props.  But if you still want to add some, try to get a prop that can go along with the theme.  At the end of the day, you want the result to be unique and not awkward.


It is such a waste if you are having a photobooth at your event but your guest can’t have their picture.   Photobooth should also provide the printed photo as a gift to all the guests.  For 123Cheese.my, we provide unlimited photo shooting  and quality prints. So each of your guest is able to get their own copy for FREE.  For the host of the event, you can always get all the picture on DVD and online gallery. So why wait? Let’s liven up your event by calling 123Cheese to book for photobooth rental today!