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Date: 3th August 2013
Time: 8.30p.m to 10.30p.m
Venue: One City Subang Usj 23

Having us and our fascinating photobooth rental is the most excellent ideas you can think off to adding exclusivity in your event.  Cake’s and balloon  is compulsory in birthday party but by having them alone would resulting lifeless ceremony.  Hey! Don’t worry, 123Cheese are here to rescue and make your party as a day that will always be remembered by your guest.

We only can be 24th once in our whole life.  So, make your special day more unique by surprise your guest with colorful activity.  This is what happens to Debbie’s on her 24th birthday party.  Our attendance brings more hilarity and joyfulness on her special day.



At 1st, we want them to get familiar with our booth.  No props given to them and they are freely giving poses in front of our camera. WOW! It’s true photobooth helps people to show their talents.  All of Debbie’s guest including herself enjoy giving many unique and beautiful poses.  To add more fun, we give them an opportunity to try out our special and terrific props.  Yes, they enjoyed it and having a lot of fun with it.



As usual, once picture taken, our team will immediately print out the picture and distribute to the guest as a special souvenir from us. There are more pictures from this event has been uploaded at our Facebook Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.573525789360265.1073741839.516129705099874&type=3 Don’t forget to like us NOW!




Happy 24th Birthday Debbie 
May you never stray from the true path as you continue your amazing journey. Happy birthday!! (^o^)/