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When it comes to wedding wishes, many of us would simply just settled for wedding cards that we can find in stationery stores. I mean, why not? Usually these cards already had wonderful messages, quotes and even poems on them. Saves a lot of time, as in you don’t have to spend the whole day to create a new Shakespearean sonnets to describe the new couple. Which is why we often opt for just a wedding card from greeting cards aisle in the nearest stationery shop.

But then, what’s special about the card? Your signature at the edge of the paper? Sure, “Best Wishes, Susan” sounds incredibly special. See, there’s nothing personal about giving wedding cards that already have messages printed on them. Because those messages aren’t actually your best wishes. Those aren’t even your words. And so keeping that in mind, you put the card back on the shelf in the greeting cards aisle. And now, you’re without wishes card and you’re sent back to still searching for the perfect one.

Let me just put this into an entirely different perspective. The thing about wedding wishes is the fact that it doesn’t have to be on a card. Really, not necessarily on a piece of paper. You have quite a hundred other ways to bless the new couple on their wedding day. The most important thing is you make it personal for the newlyweds.

So, here’s a few ideas on where to put (print) your best wedding wishes for your favourite new couple.

  • Luggage tags

Well, well, well. This is a given, is it not? Oh, come on, don’t tell me you’re not getting this? Luggage, baggage claims, airports. No?

It’s honeymoon. I’m talking about honeymoon. After the wedding ended, obviously they will go for their romantic getaway somewhere. Whether they’re going to board a plane or not, it’s not important. You can still get each of them a couple of matching personalised luggage tags and you can have your best wedding wishes printed on the tags.

  • Ceramic tiles

Okay, before you ask, let me just say that this isn’t ceramic tiles for your floor or your kitchen backsplash or anything. I’m talking about beautiful ceramic photo tiles. Kinda like your typical photo frames except that this one is printed photo (in this case, your best wishes for the couple) on a glassy ceramic tile for that glossy finishing, you know? They’re not called beautiful for nothing.

So, why not get the best poem or basically just your heartfelt message printed on the ceramic tile? Now, they have got something to decorate table tops in their new shared home.

  • Fluffy cushions

I know you think that I’m probably have strayed away from wedding cards by now. Well, it’s true. The point of making it fresh and personal is straying away from the usual and doing it like no one else would.

So, with that being said, you can also print your congratulatory message on a cute fluffy throw pillow. If you actually do this, then you won’t need to come up with so many words, you can just customise the cushion cover design with the couple names and your short message of congratulations.

If you are planning to go extravagant with your gift, how about having your wishes immortalised on a personalised photo book printed with their wedding photos? This is the best option if you have decided to gift the bride and groom a token of memory.

And now, you’re done with the wedding wishes!

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