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Date: 15th December,2013
Time: 6pm-11pm
Venue: Bukit Damansara

This event is the most happening & fun! Half of the reason is because they personally are a stage performer & they perform pantomime so they are expert in posing & also control their face expression. This is the party that they organized after their great performance.  As people always say “One minute’s brilliant performance on the stage is attributed to ten years practice under the stage.”


3 group

They are really fun in person! they loves photography so much because they are able to let go all the shy and pose anything that is hilarious & fun to see in front of the 123cheese camera. So they actually feel quite interesting on 123cheese photo booth too. As it is instant printing they find out that it is quite amazingly. 22


They even prepare their own performance props even we had already prepare it. Look like they are professional in photo booth too.. Somehow they really do enjoy themself celebrating the wrap party in Sophie house with all of them gathering and bring their own food to share with each other & there is also bar counter available. Any alcohol that you wish to drink, you can get it in the bar counter. It is quite cool!


The Kids enjoy themself in our photo booth too. Especially the cute little boy (Sophie son) but somehow we 123cheese amusement SDN BHD would like to thank Sophie for inviting us to their wrap party. We enjoy it too.

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