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“ Wedding checklist will quickly become your bible as your plan everything for your big day from your bridal shower to the perfect cruise down the Mediterranean for your honeymoon.”

wedding-checklistWedding planning has so many things to remember, people to consider, feelings to account for and events to organize which can quickly become overwhelming. In order to keep all of the elements on track, it is vital to create a comprehensive wedding checklist. Your wedding checklist will become your bible throughout the whole wedding planning.

Wedding planning is never a piece of cake – it requires long hours of meeting with the right people, checking out different halls and venues, listening to different bands and tasting various menus in order to choose just the right ones. Besides, budget is also another imperative element to bride and groom-to-be. Wedding expenses can be easily losing track without a proper planning. An excellent wedding checklist will control and keep budget in check.

Your wedding checklist will assist you in navigating choppy waters of wedding planning for a day you will never forget – so make sure to have the right list, so that you do not forget anything crucial for that special day.

You can always obtain wedding checklist online that best suit you. However, Wedding Wire provides you a digital checklist to ensure you to stay organised.

Here is a breakdown of the major categories that should go on every wedding checklist:

1. Date – make sure to have two or three in case your minister or venue are not available

2. Venue – church, temple, mosque, etc.

3. Celebrant – priest, minister, rabbi, etc.

4. Reception hall

5. Guest list

6. Food & Drink

7. Music

8. Entertainment – 123cheese.my Wedding Photobooth, Band, etc.

9. Photographer & Videographer

10. Flowers / Wedding Gifts

11. Dress / Tuxedo

12. Rings

13. Bridal Party outfits

14. Rehearsal dinner

15. Hotel reservations for guests

16. Invitations

Wedding Photobooth is definitely a great idea for wedding!

Here, FIVE reason why photo booth is a great ideas on your special days:

It’s perfect for any event!
They are perfect for: Weddings, Fundraisers, Birthday Parties and Graduations, Trade Shows, Corporate Events and many other events. You can choose a theme to follow your event theme too. Not only does the photo booth capture moments it helps to create them as well!

They are fun!
Without any doubt, photo booth can guarantee to bring the fun to another level. For some reason people let loose when they get in front of the camera. So, create more havoc in the event and give you an additional 100% more FUN.

Nice Memories To Be Remembered
Great food and drinks are very normal in the event nowadays. But when you have photo booth, you’re bringing the event to another dimension and all the guest will remember how happening the event was. The event is done after midnight, but the memories is last forever.

A Chance To Relax
Any event may be exciting, but having a photo booth gives everyone a chance to hide behind the curtains, where they can just goof off and laugh for a while. Imaging how fun it can be when your mom and dad were enjoying themselves posing in the photo booth. It’s give you a pleasant atmosphere and take the edge off all that family mingling.

Awesome Souvenirs / Party Favours
By having a photo booth at your event you are allowing all of your guests to have their own mini-portrait session. Photo booths that print pictures on the spot can be great party favours to give to guests or great souvenirs for guests to take home.