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When we talk about Valentine’s Day, automatically our thoughts venture toward valentine gifts especially all heart-shaped gifts such as candies, chocolate, balloons, greeting cards, jewelry, etc. and couples deeply in love gazing into each other’s eyes.

If you are thinking Valentine’s Day is for lovers, then you are wrong. Reading through Ezine Articles, i have saw this interesting article about valentine’s day.

Ladies, you should be enjoying this well-known pink and red day, no matter your “couple status”. Here are some fun ideas for single, dating, committed relationship and even recent break-up.

If You’re Single…


Don’t allow yourself to be sorrow due to Valentine’s Day decorations or gifts, embrace the day instead! Being single is fabulous! Sex & the City’s Carrie Bradshaw made being single more appealing than ever before. You don’t have to wait for someone important to get you a gift, buy it yourself! One of the joys of being single is you can give yourself the gift instead of buying for someone, from a modest bracelet to a diamond ring.

There are also other ways to enjoy the day besides buying yourself a gift.

  • Host a party for just you and the girls
  • Take yourself out on a date, by yourself, to a museum, the movies, dinner or any combination of the three
  • Buy Valentine’s Day cards and pass them out to people who are dear to you
  • Help make someone else’s Valentine’s Day better by volunteering at a non-profit or charity for the day, such as a battered women’s shelter, a soup kitchen or the Goodwill.

If You’re Dating…

You’ve been dating a guy, it is not a must and you don’t know if he plans on spending the evening with you, another girl, or the guys. First ask yourself: Do I really want to spend Valentine’s Day with him? It is, after all the most romantic day of the year. If the answer is yes, this can be an opportunity to take the relationship a step further by:

  • Cooking him a nice dinner at your place
  • Offering to bring dinner to him at his place
  • Setting up a double date with friends (so you can get their feedback on your new beau later)
  • Asking him to set up a double date with some of his friends (you can learn a lot about a guy by spending time with his friends)

If You’re in a Committed Relationship…

Whether you’ve just moved in together, engaged, newlyweds or you’ve been together for a number of years, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to set aside time for your relationship. So take advantage of it!

You can start the day with an exchange of gifts. Keep in mind that Valentine’s Day jewelry, chocolates and flowers are traditional gifts for a reason. Be spontaneous and mix things up a bit rather than going to the place where you spent Valentine’s Day every year. Knowing your significant other’s interests, tailor a surprise event to both of your liking such as:

  • A couple’s massage
  • Something fun and silly like playing Laser Tag, Escape Room or going compete in video games at arcade
  • Something crazy that two of you have always wanted to do, like bungee jumping or hang gliding
  • Take a hot air balloon ride or visit to I city, Fun fair and other amusement park
  • Pop the question – there’s no better surprise for Valentine’s Day than receiving an engagement ring

Planning a Valentine’s Day different from what you’ve experienced before will rekindle the spark or keep the spark going.

If You’ve Just Been Through a Break-Up…

The explosion of pink and red can leave you depressed, craving romance and desire for your ex, when you’ve just being dumped or dumped someone. You just need a little extra TLC (Tender, Love & Care). Below are some ideas to take good care of yourself:

  • A day at the spa – get the most luxurious package that you can afford, and absolutely enjoy spoiling yourself
  • Retail therapy – doing a little damage to the credit card never hurt anybody, and Valentine’s Day jewelry may be the perfect pick-me-up
  • Unconditional love – Spending the day with someone you love and who unconditionally loves you – a manicure with your grandma, grabbing lunch with your dad, or catching a matinee with your mom – may be just what you need.

There’s something for everyone on Valentine’s Day. Just take it as an excuse to celebrate life! Enjoying the most romantic day of the year can be achieved – with or without a valentine.

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