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Ever watched ‘Say Yes to the Dress’? If yes, then you must have had those moments that just sent you into frustration over the bride’s decision (and sometimes her family’s decisions too). Why do they fuss over a piece of dress that they’re going to wear like that one time during the wedding? Well, the answer is because wedding day is a special day. So, decisions like where to marry, what cake to order, what kind theme for the wedding photos, and what type of wedding dress to buy (or rent) are difficult to make and sometimes, require a lot of thinking.

So, yes, wedding gown silhouettes matter when it comes to taking the perfectly stylish photos for your wedding. Be it for the actual wedding ceremony, the reception or the pre-wedding photo-shoot, you have to pick the best type of wedding dress that match your body type.

  • A-Line

This is probably the basic type of dress silhouette, simply because it suits most body types and places focus on your upper body shape.

So, with this type of wedding dress, you can basically nail any pose in front of the camera. You can definitely do that mid-step snapshot a la candid. It will give the line of your dress a great composition and you will look divine in the pictures. Definitely wedding photo book worthy.

  • Ball Gown

Ah, for brides who had dreamt once or twice or a hundred times in their life that they’re a princess. Ball gowns for a wedding dress will absolutely be that dream comes true moment for the bride.

Just like A-line silhouette, ball gowns also focus on your upper body curve with a fitted bodice. From waist down, you have that big and beautiful full skirt. So, if you’re tall and, for the lack of better words, leggy, this is the wedding dress for you. You don’t really need so much advice on the pose either because your wedding gown is doing it all for you.

But, I think looking straight in front as you pose and smile happily at the photographer will do the trick.

  • Tea-Length

If you care more about flaunting your wedding shoes than your wedding dress, this would be the perfect silhouette for you. Show off your shoes and your sexy long legs with this type of dress.

And if you’re doing outdoor pre-wedding (or post-wedding) photo-shoot, tea-length dresses are the best choice because you don’t really want floor-length dresses out there in the dirt. Plus, if you’re going for tea-length silhouette, you can pose on your side, with one of your legs popped in the air (go for that classic Princess Diaries leg-popping kiss with your new husband) and your picture will definitely look stylish.

There are, of course, other types of silhouettes such as sheath, column and mermaid. But, I think we’re doing the most with these 3 types of silhouettes since they are all suitable for almost all body types. And personally, these 3 are my all-time favourites when it comes to wedding dresses and wedding photo-shoot. Just trust me, you’re going to look fabulous in the wedding pictures if you consider any of these silhouettes as your choice for wedding dress.

So, as I was saying earlier, a wedding day is a special day, an important one for the bride, the groom and all of their loved ones. That’s why you need to have great photographers and awesome wedding decorations to make sure every party guest have a fun time at your wedding. Thus, why not have a wedding photo booth for your wedding attendees to entertain themselves as they create beautiful memories through great photos to commemorate your wedding? Browse for the best rental service for photo booth and awesome instant gift printing now!