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There are a lot of things in your wedding plan checklist. And I know some bride have been planning their wedding since they were just kids who daydreamed about their perfect wedding. When you’re actually getting proposed, there are a lot of things to consider and maybe, just maybe, planning a wedding for real is not all sunshine and rainbows.

But no worries, since you’re down to wedding decorations as you go through your checklist, here’s 5 things (or 5 areas in your wedding venue) to consider.

  • Dais decoration

I know you would love this one. Your once-in-a-lifetime chance to be a princess, to feel like royalty for a day, and sit on a dais, a la throne with the love of your life.

So, this is where you can incorporate your childhood daydream about your wedding and choose a theme that you would really like. Any dreams and wishes could come true as you decorate the dais. Your choice of theme can match the background of the dais, the colour of the platform and the pair of luxurious chairs (some people use fancy couch too) that will be your throne for the day.

  • Stage decoration

You must be wondering right now, what you do need a stage for if you have already got a dais decorated. Yeah, but the dais is solely for the bride and the groom. The stage could be for the guests, the members of the wedding party, the deejay or the band. The stage can have an open mic for speeches and stuff. You know, you’ve got to keep the wedding attendees entertained.

Have the whole day of your wedding planned with activities. From wedding toasts to karaoke sessions, you can have it all happened on the stage.

  • Table decoration

Ah, this is where the centrepiece at. In the middle of each one of the tables where the most honourable guests of your wedding will be sitting on. They will be eating at the table and socialising with each other especially if they sit on the same table. So, as much as seating arrangement is an important item on your wedding checklist, table decoration is just as important.

Besides the centrepieces for the tables, make sure you decorate the chairs and the tables with colours that match the theme of your wedding. And if you want to differentiate your guests, you can always colour-code the tables as well. Now, you get to have beautiful table decorations and use the decoration to organise your guests. Double functionality.

  • Entrance decoration

The threshold of your wedding hall, the main entrance where every one of your guests will be passing through. The first thing people will see when they arrived at your venue. And since your family will be there to greet the wedding attendees, you should decorate the entrance will pretty flowers and draped curtains from the ceiling to the floor.

And at the entrance, you can place a well-decorated table for your guests to leave you wonderful wedding gifts too. See, decorating can come hand in hand with organising too.

  • Photo booth decoration

Just like the stage decoration, this one is also to keep your guests entertained during your wedding. Taking pictures are like a part of wedding itself. I mean, what kind of wedding don’t have pictures, right? After the wedding, you obviously are going to have your wedding photo album developed.

Let your guests have fun taking photos too. You can rent wedding photo booth service and have beautiful decorations in the form of curtain backdrop and fun photo booth props for you and your guests to play around with. And not to mention, you get to have pictures instantly printed on the scene on photo slips with awesome photo layout design.

  • Photo book

With all the talks about photo books nowadays, you bet that we would certainly include this in the list. Maybe you would ask is photo book and guest books are the same thing? Well, our answer is, why not both?

Combining these two elements together would guarantee you to have one of the best decorative items at your wedding that holds significant memories for the bride and groom. A hard cover bound book printed with your wedding photo is a brilliant addition to your existing wedding decoration to let your guests be a part of your wedding day as they can leave their wedding wishes and signatures on it too. Order a photo book online today to spice up your wedding day.

So, what else are you waiting for? Check out the options for your wedding decorations and ways to entertain your guests today!