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“Ready? 1..2..3.. Say Cheeeeseee..,” we often hear this word when taking picture.  Have you ever thought why they use the word “cheese” instead of any other food? Why not use the word “sugar”? Or “honey”?  such as “1..2..3…suugaaarrrrrr….”


According to “Wikipedia” the word “Say cheese” is an instruction often used by photographers.  The reason they did that is to make their subject to stop talking and smile.  By saying “cheese”,  we can see the corners of our mouths wide open, our cheeks lift  and because of the “ee” sounds, it appears to be a smile-like shape(shows some teeth) and the picture will look great.  Most of picture was taken with smiley face, so this make the instruction seems suitable.

Till today, this words become so popular among us especially during photo shoot.  One of the reason why the world is still implement by photographer is because sometimes people don’t like to be told to smile.  It’s like forcing them to look happy but by saying “cheese” their facial expressions will automatically turn to smiley face.  This is important for photographer to capture best picture .  After all, no one enjoy taking picture with angry or boring face, right?

Second reason people still using this word is maybe because the word “cheese” are easy to remember, say and understand.   Imaging if each photographer were using different word and you’re unfamiliar with the words.  Instead of  repeating the word you will ask them back “what?”  and destroyed the capturing moment. Keep it simple is always better!


Taking picture in photo booth is a lot more difference because with all the great wall backdrop, funky props, fun group of people etc make you easily feel comfortable and enjoy yourself.  Without any instruction, you will naturally give a great, funny and awesome pose.  Hard to believe this? Try to book us NOW for your event and see the result! 🙂