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Date: 6th December 2013
Time: 10a.m-3p.m
Venue: Padang Varsiti, Universiti Malaya

There is always a way to let your children find their hobby & live in a healthy lifestyle! Super 8 are organized by Hot FM & Fly FM collaborate with Bananana, TV 9, & also Berita Harian. Super 8 is part of  events that you should let your kids join because it can actually train the spirit of teamwork & it will also trained them to be more disciplines & have a good attitude.

group 1

Other than having fun in the field, the kid was very actively participating in 123cheese photobooth. Although they are small but I can actually say that they really do love being in front of a camera where our photographers shout 1…2…3…cheese! Then after the 3rd calling they will somehow show their smile or teeth. It was really cute… on how they fully utilize the props & poses from head to toe non-stop! It was hilarious.

group 2 group 3

Some of them came as a group & some of them came as individual but somehow although they were very tired on the match and maybe some of them are sad when they lose in the match but they never show their tired and hopeless face in front of the camera. Kids are like this Easy come & easy go! They always forget the sad things fast & move forward to a brighter future. We all love & reminisce the time when we were a child. No Worries, Just Happy!


As you know it is organized by Fly FM & Hits FM. So the Emcee of the day is Prem & Hafiz both are from Fly FM & of course there are also other crew who take place as an emcee that day. They came to our photobooth too!

group templates

This are the templates specially design for Super 8! The theme is green as we are in a sport day & it was in a field. There are few prizes to be won on that day. That is Fair Play (RM1,000), Third Place (RM1,000), First Runner Up (RM2,000) & not to forget the Champions with a total of (RM3,000) Wow!! It was really a big prize for kids yeah…! Last but not least… 123cheese.my would sincerely congratulate the all the winner that successfully rule the field! Congratulation!!! It was an amazing match.

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