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Still haven decide what theme that you preferred for your event? Well you can consider this theme Shanghai night.

The name Shanghai 上海 in Chinese character it means above the sea. This theme is based on the nostalgic past of Shanghai when decadence and easy fortune were common place. During the First Opium War in 1839-1842 shanghai becomes international trading location & at the same time British occupied the city. Therefore did you realize that till now Shanghai cultural & also fashion has been also influence by the western style as in vintage feel.

shanghai night theme - photo booth rental malaysia 5

Here are some of the interesting shanghai night theme photo that you can review as a references for your upcoming events. As you can see all the decorations that they are using in their backdrop is all retro and also vintage style. This event is Pennzoil Dealers Appreciation Night with the Shanghai night theme and also by hiring 123cheese photo booth to make the scenes become memorable.

shanghai night theme - photo booth rental malaysia


This is another Shanghai Night Themed which is organizing by Comptel for their Annual Dinner Events. All of the staff is having whole lot of fun and in the same time they are very cooperate with all the outfit that they wore to match with the theme of the day!

shanghai night theme - photo booth rental malaysia

Well the last photo is also about Shanghai Night but this is another company that is Id Industries Sdn Bhd. As you can see that shanghai night theme is really a very interesting theme as you can see that the staff is really excited about that night and by wearing all the cheong sam it can actually show the beauty of a woman.

If you still could not decide which theme that you wanted to choose you can also view other blog that we had posts there are still many other theme that you can take it as reference.