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Selfie photography or selfie portrait photography is innovated from the latest trend – #Selfie. You might be a big fan of selfie anytime and anywhere, but have you experience professional selfie at selfie studio?

What’s the first thing come into your mind when we talk about studio photography? Some may describe it as formal, stuffy and dull. Selfie studio provides an alternative for this!  It allows you to produce pictures that close to your lifestyle, real personality in your home or a place close to your heart.

Studio portrait photography is not a cup of tea of everyone. Sometimes you find it hard to relax in an unfamiliar environment especially when a professional photographer being too serious. Some studio photography does limit number of shots too. If you are trying to have shots of your kids, traditional studio environment might be the disaster. Children might be too shy or frighten by strange new place.

To have a natural and gorgeous portrait, 123 Cheese Selfie Studio is the best solution! It provides an alternative way to obtain portraits for family, best friend, couple, baby and etc. Selfie studio has features as below:

  1. Absent of photographer – tap on screen to start shooting.
  2. Home away from home – comfortable decorations allows you to roam free.
  3. Choices of accessories, props and costumes – enhance photo experience to more funky and interesting.
  4. Unlimited numbers of shooting – allows try and error at stress free atmosphere
  5. Customised photo gifts printing– Choose your favourite photos and print it on customised products to keep it as memory.
  6. After -service – Premium DVD with all photos.
  7. Affordable price – way lower than traditional studio photograph

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Selfie studio photography promotes relaxed atmosphere that allows you to feel at ease at a affordable price. The more relaxed a subject is, the better the photos! Create your most beautiful, fashionable and natural photos with 123Cheese Selfie Studio NOW to freeze your most treasured and memorable moments.