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According to dictionary, portrait defines likeness of a person, especially of the facial expression of the subject transform to a painting, drawing or photograph which captured by the painter or the photographer.

Portrait photography can be classified into four sections:

  1. Close-ups
  2. Facial Shots
  3. Upper Body Shots
  4. Environmental Portrait

The more natural the portrait is, the better the photo. Professional photographers always try to capture the true self and real side of a person through photography. However, people can become nervous and stiff which do not represent their real personality or the mood. Besides, the photograph may look artificial too. Let’s exclude professional model, general people become very much camera-conscious during photo shoot.

In order to capture the most natural side of one self, selfie photography is the best choice! Selfie portrait photography is a fun and creative way of capturing memories. Selfie photography studio needs no professional photographer because you are your own photographer! All you need to do is tap on the screen and count down to snap! A natural portrait photography is then produce.


In case you are out of pose, do not shy to maximise usage of props, accessories and costumes to enhance your photo experience! Ranging from cute to formal, funny to serious, will definitely obtain your most treasured moment!