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Many people seem getting further from happiness with the increasingly rapid pace of life in the city. Working has become priority not merely for elder but also youngster these days. One day when you flashback, and you realise you have spent most of your time working without much youth’s memories.

Purikura photo booth is the must-entertainment for 90s youngster. Do you know what’s the trend now that keep 2000s teen entertained and able to freeze their most treasured moment? It is non-other than Selfie Photo Studio! 123Cheese Selfie Studio is popular not merely among younger generation, it is also suitable for elder! You can create your style all by your own, from makeup, props to clothing.

Selfie Photography Studio in Malaysia

The biggest feature in a selfie studio is no professional photographer is needed but equipped with professional photography equipment such as professional studio lighting, live preview system which allows you to check your shot and a selection of backdrop from a wall to cover half the floor.

As the word “Selfie” defines as a photograph that one has taken of oneself, you are your own photographer in the selfie studio. It is also known as do it yourself service. Customers who visit to selfie studio are given a remote control shutter and they snap just by pressing it. You are allowed to shoot as many as you can within one hour, just relaxed and make yourself at home.