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Hiring a photo booth for an event that you are hosting can cost you thousands according to the number of hours that you request for. In order to get your money’s worth, you have to do your research thoroughly and survey for the best deals out there.

Here are some of the most important factors that you should look for when hiring a photo booth.

Experiences are crucial! As a customer, you’d want the best quality and the most experienced team in order to impress your guests. One way you can learn if the photo booth rental company is experienced or a newbie is by having a browse at their gallery and also their portfolio. See who they have worked with before and read testimonials or feedback by their clients. From this, you may get a slight idea of what the company is like.
If, however they do not provide portfolios on their website, give them a call and request to see a portfolio. Remember, customers are always right. Therefore you have the right to demand for this before you can invest for an extremely impressive photo booth.

The size
Another thing that you need to consider when hiring a photo booth is the size of the photo booth itself is important. Why, because you have to know whether it can fit in your hall or not. Photo booth rental companies will mention in their website of the space that they require for the photo booth set up. You will need to do your research and find out about this so you may have a space ready for the photo booth team to set up. If your venue is not on the ground floor and requires the stairs or elevator, you will also need to know if the photo booth team have any heavy or large items that may not fit in the elevator and so on.

Image quality
After spending money on a photo booth rental, the last thing you’d want is pictures that are blurry, shadowed with red-eyes. No, no, no I don’t think so! To avoid this, the photo booth team that you hire must use high quality digital SLR cameras and will be able to professionally touch up your pictures to make every shot look great and worth every penny!

Extra Options
Find out if the photo booth company you are interested in hiring have extra options like ready-made props and backdrops included in the package. Are there any additional charges if you request for custom made props and backdrops. Furthermore you may also ask about the printed pictures, what is special about a photo booth print compared to ordinary prints that you can get from your local photo shop.
Lastly, how can you get your hands on the soft copies of all the photos that have been captured during the event?

After reading this, you now have knowledge on what to look for when searching for a photo booth rental. So, what are you waiting for? Start hunting and good luck!