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Button badges are very fun and fresh with the sizes, different background, wording, etc.  For those who don’t know, these pins are always being 1st choices for marketing activity.

Anyway, not everything about button badge is just for promotional activity.  There are also people wear the badge to add accessories and looks trendy.

But Why Button Badge?

  1. Button Badge is fun!
  2. Button Badge is collectable
  3. Button Badge  can carry a message or make a statement
  4. Button Badge is walking, talking Billboards!
  5. You can add Button Badge at a hat, shirts, handbag, jacket, you name it..
  6. Button Badge helps you to promote businesses and campaigns
  7. Button Badge provides identification
  8. Button Badge is great as a gift away for birthdays and occasions
  9. Button Badge can make you think what are the message
  10. Button Badge can make you laugh with the cheerful design

Great news for those who are planning to impress your guest with an unique and personalised gifts such as personalised button badge.

We, at 123Cheese.my are here for you for any of your special occasions such as a corporate event, wedding dinner, product launching, road show exhibitions or any other celebrations. We provide instant photo gifts, printing services!!!

We will come to your event and help you to print and customised gifts with photo, text & template for all your guest!! AWESOME!!!

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