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Date: 13th, december 2013
Time: 6pm-9pm
Venue: Sunway Hotel Ballroom

This year Sunway property had their most horror annual dinner ever. All the staff really had a horror & spooky night! They made themselves really look like the character that they wanted to be. For sure that they put a lot of effort to do the make ups and find the suitable costume for the night.

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This are few of the staff outlook, it look so real & creepy, where it is really look like there are glasses stuck in her face and blood is everywhere on her shirts. While for the top photo if you had watch before the black swan it is actually the main character of the movie where she is a pure as an angel but because of she wants to be a main character in a show so she transform herself into a dark & evil swan.


Well these is only part of the staff that personalized themself into the character that they wants to be! There are more that looks more creepy and scary. On that day they took lots of photo in 123cheese photobooth as a memoroble memory for them to review in the future.

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This are the horror templates that we created for Sunway Property Annual Dinner 2013 events. This templates matches their horror make up well. We 123 cheese.my would want to thanks the organizer for inviting us to their horror night & we really enjoy watching them have fun in our photobooth as well as having our instant photo. Hope you would like our Services!

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