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If your mind are still wondering if  photobooth rental is a good ideas for your wedding.  The answer is always YES! Photobooth are not just helping you to capture your guest picture but it also as additional entertainment to make your wedding more stunning.


Nowadays, there are a lot’s of vendors who offered wedding photobooth services.  The question is…, which one is the best? Here are few tips you may follow before you decide:

The Booth:
Some vendor provide  a portable photobooth such as vending machine.  It can be a great choice because it won’t take too much space.  But the problem you might have is because the space is limited, your guest can’t have a group photo inside it.  The pose might also limited because of the same reason.  For  123Cheese, we provide ready-made backdrops for you to choose that suitable for your wedding theme.  It’s required bigger space but as a result, your guest can get more opportunity to take a group photo.

The Photo Layouts and Design:
Before choosing suitable vendor for your wedding photo booth, always check their website and look at their previous jobs.  Normally you can find their layout and design from their previous event in website gallery.  The reason you need to check on this is to ensure their style is suitable for you.  Some vendor are very artistic until normal people like us can’t understand the concept of the design.

The Fee and Packages:
Yes, the budget is always something you need to consider for any big event such as a wedding.  All photo booth vendors will provide fee that relevant to what they offer.  This fee normally will come with 1 complete package.  If you need extra services, you have to pay extra.  For 123Cheese, we offer a very reasonable price in our photo booth package.  Furthermore, we also provide a discount voucher to customize photo gifts with HeartBeat.my which is worth RM500.


The best part about having a photobooth at your wedding is because of its spontaneity.  You can see how genuine your guest pose and smile without any direction from the photographer.  You want to add more fun? Make your guest to wear fun, crazy and wild props and let them do the others.  We can guarantee, your wedding photo album can never be the same from others.