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What to do with your photos after photo shooting?

What do you want to do with the photos you taken at the photo booth?

What photo gifts and souvenirs you may keep as memorable keepsakes from the event?

Here are the FIVE unique ideas for Photo Gifts & Souvenirs we provide:

1. Unlimited 4R Photo Quality Prints
You may choose the selection of our photo layouts that make your photos more unique and creative. The exact size for 4R photo is 4 inch X 6 inch and you may add max 5 photos in 1 photo layout.

2. Unlimited Photo Strip Quality Prints
Choose the best photo layout that match your event theme and turn your photos to be much fun and memorable. The exact size for photo strip is 2 inch X 6 inch.

3. Customised Photo Gifts
Print your photos on customised photo gifts  such as T-shirt, mug, jigsaw puzzle, button badge etc. Imaging hanging the “customised photo jigsaw puzzle” with group photo taken during company annual dinner on your department wall is a lot of fun.

4. Photo Book
Save the fun and joy memory in the safe place such as photo book and show it when necessary to others. With the size on 8inch X 11inch, you can get all printed photos from the photo booth and save it in soft cover photo album.

5. DVD With All Photos Taken (* free minor photo touch-up)
All photo taken in the photo booth will get a minor photo touch-up for better photo quality. We will burn all photos in DVD. Thus, you can choose the photos from DVD to customise a photo book or personalized photo gifts.

We use Digital Single Lens Reflect (DSLR) camera to capture your happiness in high resolution photos.
Thus, You may laugh, you may make fun with each other and don’t be surprised if the photos will motivate your colleagues to be much closer with each other and work harder as a team.