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The main purpose of marketing usually is selling product or create brand awareness. Most familiar methods you have seen in brand marketing are adverts, leaflets, catalogues, radio, television and internet. Neither is simple nor cheap to achieve.

How does a stall grab attention of passer by whether it’s on its own, or being one of the shops in shopping mall or one of several hundred booths in an exhibition hall? One of the common methods that these shops grab attention is by stopping passer-by with attractive flyers or free gifts. Imagine how do you feel when you are intending to enjoy bridal fairs, exhibitions, shopping or waiting for friends and you are approached by promoters trying to sell you products along your way? Frankly speaking, are you more or less responsive, or more or less defensive?


How to stand out among so many vendors in an exhibition?

Fun is always engaging and interesting factor that grab attention of passer-by. But the concern of providing fun is hard to involve everyone. You are either aiming for youngster or elder.

One option for you to consider is hiring 123Cheese Photo Booth!

Rather than giving freebies that are not related to them, why not giving a photo with their own face inside? How photobooth works well for brand promotion?

1. Crowd approach your booth automatically

Vendors who hired a photobooth as part of their promotion usually find themselves with a queue. This provides a great opportunity for the sales team to introduce their brand or products while people are in a comfortable state of mind anticipating their reward (photos).


Fashion Stall -Parkamaya @ Farenheit 88 Valentine’s Promotion. Photos were taken free for all Parkamaya customers.

2. Customization of photo layout

Another interesting feature of photo booth is photograph taken is customisable with brand’s logo, messages and even name and contact number. It is truly a great marketing experience, unlike the common leaflet and catalog handed out, photos taken at photo booth will be kept.


Customization of photo layout, with logo, message and selected theme.

3. Souvenir that visible everyday

Further on, photos that printed not only going to be kept, there is a strong possibility it will be ended up at somewhere prominent like fridge door or on office’s desk, being visible every single day.

4. Exposed to more potential customers through social networking

This souvenir will be seen over and over again even by other else who didn’t even attend that show! What if the photos are downloaded from web gallery and share onto social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram? Your brand will be exposed to whole lot more potential customers!


Free advertising on social network!

So when you are considering a promotional event, no matter what is it, do consider hiring a photo booth to boost your respond during promotional period!

123Cheese Photobooth is one of the leading mobile photo booth rental companies in Malaysia that will helps you to create fun and interesting marketing experience.