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These days, every single event uses photo booth service. I mean, why not? They are there to take pictures. And people just love photographers at events. It’s simply because you get to have something to look forward to after the event had ended.

And for the event participants or party guests, they get to bring home something (as in the pictures they took at the booth) to remember the day by. Something of a memento, remembrance, something to commemorate the event.

But then there are too much of the same pictures and same layouts from different events that you can hardly tell the pictures after, from one event to another highly identical event. It’s time to know what kind of personalised things you can have to make your event different from any other events out there.

Here’s 3 things you can have customised for your planned event when you rent a photo booth service.

  • Photo Layout Design

This is the most basic one. Of course you can customise the photo layout design in which the photos are going to be printed on. Making the photos from the event look special is easy when you can customise the layout design.

As the event manager, you can easily customise the colours, texts and graphic designs of the photo layout in order to make it stand out from other events. Use the corporate colour and logo for the design.

If this is for a personal party, then you can have the layout designs to match the theme of your party. It’s that simple to be different and unique.

  • Props

When you rent a photo booth service, it’s almost compulsory to have props such as funny wigs, silly glasses and custom made speech bubbles or hashtags. Let your party guests or event participants have fun in the booth as they make memories in the form of photos that they can take home.

Over here at 123Cheese, you can always request for funky photo booth props specially made for your event or party. Bring fun to the next level!

  • Backdrop

Backdrops are one of the important things when it comes to having a photo booth rented. You may not be interested in props but you need to have a backdrop.

The most basic ones would ready-made curtain backdrops for parties like birthdays, prom nights, annual dinners and even weddings. But if you’re not into curtain backdrops with colours and textures, you can opt for custom printed backdrops.

Usually, for big corporate events, event managers usually have photo booth with backdrops that have their company logo printed. So, whatever type of events you are planning, you can choose and customise the photo booth backdrops according to your event’s needs and preferences.

In addition, if you rent a photo booth service from 123Cheese, you will get customised photo sleeves too. Why don’t you come over to our main website and see for yourself what you can get when you rent our service? Head over now!