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Date: 20th August, 2013
Venue: KLCC
123cheese.my not only provide photo booth, but we do provide photographer for the whole events if the customer request it. Just like Petronas Gas Berhad requested a photographers. Here are some of the photos that took from 123cheese photographers.

On that afternoon, Petronas Gas Berhad celebrated their Raya Celebration with the theme of “GLAM-O-RAYA 2013” at KLCC. As Glam means Glamorous so this event is very trendy and luxurious with all the food & beverage and decoration in the 5 star hotel.
This is the candid photo that took by our photographers, all the staff  are very enjoy in this event, everyone of them laugh so hard and happy.
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Last but not least, we would like to thanks Petronas Gas Berhad for inviting us 123cheese photo booth and also photographers to their event, because we spend our day well in such a meaningful event.
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