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Date: 26th October 2013
Time: 9am – 12pm
Venue: I-city, Shah Alam

That was a beautiful Saturday morning. The sunshine was warm and the wind blew softly. The World Stage of I-city was bustling with noise and the people were wearing the same colours t-shirt. Apparently there were having a family day and Petronas was the host.

The guests started to arrive and register themselves at the registration counter. The family day was begin by aerobic dance with exciting music! Everyone was dancing together and stretching their bodies as the host prepared lots of games for them to play.




This girl was dancing seriously. LOL.


Push and pull


They used the big lifebuoy to replace the normal chairs!


We are ready for photo shooting!


Amazing Face Painting

Besides the games, the host also prepared some interesting activities, such as face painting and 123Cheese photobooth in order to make this family day extraordinary!  This was a good chance to let the family members take funny photos together with our customised props and backdrop!




3 frames were included in the photo layout design as the host hoped that the guests can have more poses in one photo. On the other hand, the guests can remember this event for years while looking back the photos taken at 123Cheese photobooth. They can also place the photos everywhere as they received 123Cheese photo frame with the taken photos. How awesome is that!



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