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Besides customising your DIY photo booth with your chosen photo booth props, you can also add to the overall look and feel of your one of a kind celebration by getting custom-printed tees for the guests, clients, attendees, etc.

1. Club T-Shirts

Say for instance you’re planning on organising a club meet-up for an annual celebration. For each member of the club, get custom-printed tees made online. Even if you don’t have or belong to an official club or anything and are simply a fan of a certain football club, you can still create custom fc t-shirts for yourself and for your friends who share the same interests.

2. Band T-Shirts

Not a fan of any type of sport? How about musicians or bands? Or are you yourself in a band of some sort? Whatever the case may be, if you’re set on celebrating a special day or anniversary related to bands and the like, create all kinds of band t-shirt designs easily and affordably online. Imagine posing for photos at your photo booth rental whilst wearing cool custom-made t-shirts with your bandmates, friends, fans, etc. It’ll be an unforgettably awesome experience.

3. Class T-Shirts

You’ve heard of corporate t-shirts before right? Well, custom class t-shirts aren’t all that different as they basically serve the same purpose. They allow the wearers to band together as a cohesive group. So, if you’re soon to be hosting a class reunion, party or whatnot, design stylish women and men’s printed tees for the long-awaited occasion.

4. Wedding T-Shirts

Another type of occasion that warrants the purchase of custom-made tees is weddings. You’ve spent several Valentine’s Day celebrations together where you gifted them gifts as lavish as custom-made jewellery, as practical as trendy outfits, and as humble as couple mug sets. Now, the two of you are finally ready for the next phase of your life together. Thus, for your family members who’ll be playing key roles on that special day of yours as well as for your closest friends who’ll also be providing much-needed help and support, get them DIY custom t-shirts for the wedding.

As you can see from the information provided above, your special event, occasion or celebration can easily be made more joyful or in laymen terms, awesome by simply combining two types of must-have items; event photo booth and custom tee shirt printing.