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Long waited Valentine’s Day is finally arrive. Previously I have posted about the Infographic of Marriage, it’s is hard to meet the suitable partner in your life. Once you have found it, hold it tight!

Although both of you verbally agree that it is unnecessary to prepare valentine’s gifts, but to celebrate this day as other couple do, you might need to prepare atleast a card. A simple card can keep you and your love to feel the atmosphere of Valentine’s day!

It’s not too late to make a Valentine’s day card for the most special person in your life! — and make it seem like you didn’t get it last minute.

Things you’ll need & how:

  • Prepare A card
  • Draw 3 lines as above, yours prefer words. or download Free Printable
  • Cut a ribbon using another color paper
  • Prepare Ink Pad of any color – red preferable (Alternative, use magic pen water color or marker pen)
  • Stamp your thumb or color your thumb
  • Stamp it on the card to create a heart shape
  • Ready to gift it

Other reference:


Fingerprint heart bookmark    http://www.crafts-for-all-seasons.com/thumbprint-heart-bookmark.html

Move it move it! It will surely create great impact for your love one! <3