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Well most of the people treated their big day is on their wedding day because thats the day you walk on the red carpet and thats the day you step into a different life as a wife or sometimes as a mother. On that morning KK & Sok leng invited 123cheese photographer to their wedding day + ceremony in the morning, where the sun are bright and shine like the bride smile.

Edit04 Edit03This is the bride of the day, and this photo is requested by the bride to our photographer to take her individually, while waiting the groom to come.

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This is where all the sister are preparing to have fun and prank the brother and the groom, its an obstacle that they going to go through before they wanted to bring the bride go. This is the best part of the whole wedding ceremony.

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Everyone would want the best for their special day because it is once in a life time. As future memory can be create but pass memory is a history to be memorable.  So to hire a photographer make sure you hire a photographer that are able to take down the special moment of yours.

Last but not least, we 123cheese.my would like to say thank you to kk & Sok leng for inviting our 123cheese photographer to their event and we had alot of fun at their event. For more information log in to 123cheese.my.