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Date: 20th November 2013
Time: 7.00pm- 10.00pm
Venue: Villa Manja

It was an amazing night with all the pretty and wonderful bloggers from The Butterfly Project and not to forget the main sponsor that is Kinohimitsu and also us 123cheese.my who sponsored them a photo booth. At the same time the guests can have a memorable and miracle night in our photo booth. In facts they really enjoy the night to the max in 123cheese photobooth.


The Butterfly Project is a group of pretty bloggers group up and leaded by Tammy Lim. Their job is to blog those brand, place, things that they had try before or use before and give comment or conclusion on the product whether it is nice or not. All the blogger have a fun night at 123cheese photobooth, as they love & satisfy with the outcome of our photo booth at the same time they also took a lot of photo in 123cheese photobooth.

6 51 group

On that day, we also did some customized props for the luau party also including the main sponsorship of this event that is Kinohimitsu. They really appreciate what we have done for them and some of the bloggers even blog about the experiences that they had in 123cheese photobooth.


This is the customized templates that we have design for Kinohimitsu Luau Party. The theme of the party is Hawaii, so on that day every guests put lots of efforts on their clothes to create a Hawaii style.

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