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As the one who is getting married, you don’t really have the choice when it comes to the wedding wishes that you’re going to get. It’s not like you can include your one true wish to get awesome congratulatory messages for your wedding in the invitation cards or anything.

And I know that you won’t actually keep every single wedding card that you received, maybe you’ll keep the presents but cards are a little bit of a hassle when it comes to storage. (So, a little side note for the ones attending weddings: if you think the bride and groom are going to keep your little cards, don’t hold your breath).

But then, you need it. The wedding wishes, the kind words and messages from your wedding party guests blessing your marriage. So, the solution is getting a guest book for your wedding. A huge, sturdy, filled-with-hundred-blank-pages for your party guests to paint their creativities onto.

Now, these are three things people usually put in wedding guest book. So, the ones who are getting married and the ones who are going to attend a wedding, take note.

  • Wedding wishes (Duh!)

It’s unmistakable. I don’t know why I need to write this down but I do anyway.

So, yes, wedding wishes written inside of the wedding guest book. Each one of your guests can write their heartfelt messages inside those papers bound together as a huge book. So, in the end, you can keep the book and be reminded of how much other people are rooting for your love. A great addition to the bookshelf, this wedding guest book is going to be.

  • Signatures (or names)

And of course, each message would be signed off with a signature or a name, so that you’ll know who says what.

This is where things get interesting, though. You can find so many personalised messages from your best friends and close family members from both sides of the families. As the bride and the groom, you can now show your appreciation towards the kind words that your guests left on the wedding.

So, in case you’re sending thank you notes for the wedding presents, you can mention the kind words of wedding wishes that they have sent you.

  • Pictures

Now, this is the thing that’s going to make your wedding guest book all the better.

Having both great messages and awesome pictures clipped inside the book will not only have you familiarise yourself with the wishes and the people who say it, it will make the book even more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

At this point, you will have a wedding wishes book that is worthy of becoming a keepsake. Something to immortalise the wedding, the most special day in your life.

Which is why you should consider having photo booth rental service at your wedding. Besides entertaining your guests, a photo booth can instantly produce pictures for the guest book. With good photo layout design, you can have great pictures on your wedding guest book and your guests can bring home some of the pictures too. You know, as a memento from your beautiful wedding.

We truly believe that you won’t settle for anything less than ordinary like a simple wedding guest book. So, how about up your wedding experience by transforming the ordinary guest book into a personalised photo book in which you can commemorate the memories of your pre- wedding photos printed on the book. Hey, what’s the purpose of shooting it if you can’t flaunt it right?

So, visit our website to see what options await you and your wedding party guests. Make the best memories to keep inside a book. After all, love can be kept inside photographs.