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Colorful and shocking wedding trends come and go but pictures and memories are forever! So wear what you want, eat what you like but make sure the photographer’s snapping all the time and never miss a single moment of your precious wedding day.

But wait! You cannot possibly print all of those pictures to distribute to your guests? You have to sort through the good and bad pictures, you have to pay to get them in prints and then send them out to everyone. Gosh, this sounds like tedious job!!

Plus there aren’t many things lying around that you can use as a prop. I mean, you can always lift your spouse up and risk the both of you falling down, if that’s how you roll at your wedding. We’re totally not judging the safety of your wedding ceremony.

Untitled-3Before anyone goes ouch at your wedding, we’d like to suggest something a little simpler than going through all those extra measures. What everyone is using right now is….wedding photo booth! Yes, you heard right, photo booth is coming back is a huge bang to provide endless fun for everyone.

No, don’t worry, it’s not the type of photo booth that’s bulky and huge and just overall hard to setup. Our photo booth can be easily setup anywhere with power point so you can choose the most suitable place for all your pictures. If you don’t want natural backgrounds, how about custom made backgrounds?


Some people want glitz and glamorous backgrounds while some prefer a little more pastel color and soft lights kind of aesthetic. Whichever suits the style of your wedding, 123Cheese has it all! Not sure what you want? Our Instagram page houses some inspiration for wedding days here.

What are you waiting for? Thousands other satisfied clients have used our services and come back for more. We provide only the best for your beautiful day. Read our reviews here.

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