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We at 123Cheese are very happy, excited and proud to announce that we have a new backdrop feature…the GREEN SCREEN!



What is a green screen?

The definition of green screen according to udemy.com “…is a process that allows you to replace a solid coloured background with a background of your choice. This technique has been used in the film industry for years but it is now becoming very popular with photographers as well…”

In the past years, the green screen was only used in the film making industries, and now it’s used widely in the photography industry as well. What’s more, now 123Cheese offer our clients this special feature to be used in their special event photo booth.

The green screen backdrop feature allows your guests to have spectacular views used as their photo background. It also has special effects features which you may or may not decide to add. Indirectly, it enables your guests to use their imagination and have fun while doing so.

The backdrop creates such fun experiences for both us and also you and your guests! Have a look at the pictures below to get a visual of what it actually looks like.

Contact our friendly team for more information and promotions regarding our new green screen backdrop.