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It feels as if it was only a few months ago that you first got together and celebrated Valentine’s Day as a couple where you not only exchanged thoughtful gifts but also loving gazes and sincere words. Time certainly flies when you’re drunk in love. The worry you used to have when presenting your significant other with a special gift made just for them is no longer present as you realise that they will always love you and your custom-made gifts no matter what you may bring.

And now that you’re committed to spending the rest of your lives together by saving the date for your wedding, what else is left? A tonne load of things actually. Sorry to burst your dreamy wedding bubble but you should definitely come up with a checklist for everything that is necessary for your wedding. Oh, you’ve already done it? Great, now let’s see it. Take it out and look at it right now.

So, for sure, you have got the perfect dress picked, the catering is booked and ready to go for your guests at the wedding reception, invitations are ready to be sent out and your maid of honour is with you, helping at every step of the way. These are all the basics when it comes to planning the wedding. I think you already that.

But then, how about making your wedding the best party ever for you, your significant other and all of your guests?

How, you asked? Well, I’m more than happy to suggest a few things that need to be included in your wedding checklist to make sure that everyone at the wedding will have the time of their lives.

  • Karaoke

Open mic can’t hurt anybody really. Since you already have a stage and a deejay whose job is to provide wonderful music for you and the love of your life to dance to, why not use that same stage for karaoke sessions later that evening? Sure, you’re using that stage for speeches but you won’t be listening to speeches all night long, will you? Because if you will, then no offense, but your wedding is probably the boringest wedding ever. We don’t want that now, do we?

So, you know, think about it. Give it a consideration. Think about what people would’ve wanted.

  • Photo Booth

Okay, this second one is not as controversial as the first one. You might not agree with me when I say you should put a karaoke machine at your wedding but you should seriously consider renting a wedding photo booth. It’s not only for your guests, you can get a lot of use from this photo booth too.

Some photo booth rental services offer not only the photography, but also the props and backdrop. So your guests can entertain themselves as they play around with props and pose for stylish pictures. And as the bride and the groom, you can have fun with the photo booths too. Just use this service and you can easily make a wedding photo book with the compilation of all the pictures you and your guests took.

Which is why you should seriously consider this if you don’t have any pre-wedding photo shoots. Plus, these printed pictures could be one of the great wedding favours you can prepare for your guests.

  • Guest Book

Now, this is a great way to entertain your guests and at the same time, you get to keep all of the kind words, heartfelt messages and best wedding wishes compiled in a single book. Just think about how you can rekindle the memories of your wedding later in life and even see your own wedding through your honourable guests’ eyes.

Truthfully, a wedding guest book goes well with the photo booth rental service. Since your guests will be taking pictures and getting those pictures instantly printed, they can pair their heart-warming wishes with the pictures of them having fun at your wedding. This way, your wedding is definitely going to be a memorable one, for you, your families, your friends and the rest of your wedding attendees.