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Instant Photo Booth is becoming a phenomena in any corporate or personal event.  Everyone like to having photo booth in their party because of three reason,  fast, practical to be the event souvenir and easy to process. This is something that helping to liven the party mood, and adding more joy. At the photo booth they could show and express their best expression either cuteness, sweetest, coolest, and so on. Having your own photo booth is easy.  In this article, we would love to share how to make an instant photo booth.

  1. Firstly, make sure you have a space for your photo booth.  You can either buy a backdrop stand or you make your home wall as the backdrop itself.  Just make it simple backdrop by using solid colour.  The reason using solid colour is to make it easier to match with any additional backdrop. For more privacy, you may create a canopy or enclosure around the photo booth.
  2. If you have great backdrop but you don’t have quality camera, then your photo booth won’t be a phenomena.  At the very least you will need a professional-quality camera and lens, a flash, soft box and a tripod, (with a separate stand) or maybe a reflector.
  3. Backdrop and props is important to make sure the variety of photo booth.  If your background is plain but you have variety of props, you can still see the colourfulness of your booth. You may also add fun elements such as overly large sunglasses, boas, gaudy hats and wigs, and so many props ideas that make the person stand out with a joy and playful personality.



  1. Ensure your photo booth can be seen by the visitors. Make sure your booth have enough space for everybody.  Also ensure they are enjoying themselves in a comfortable place.
  2. Ensure you have a portable computer and printer so you may edit the picture immediately so that the guest can have their picture on the same day.
  3. Ask those interested in getting a picture taken in the booth to form a line. Communicate with everyone to ensure that they knows the pictures can be either individuals or groups.
  4. Give them time to prepare and wearing the props before they entering photo booth.  Make sure you have extra props and enough to be wear by everyone at same time.
  5. Always make an exciting announcement to attract more people to come to your photo booth.  Make sure your photo booth area is the most fun’s area during the event.  The most important, at the end of the day, everyone must gets  their images before leaving.