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Interesting and fun is the best word for having photo booth on your event. But photo booth alone is not enough.  To make it extremely fun is by having a props for the photo booth. Try using matching pairs of sunglasses, funny hats or fake pipes. You also can add a musical instrument into the booth with. Using this props to express your unique and fun personalities in the photo booth pictures. You will be surprise to see how awesome the picture will be.

If you organizing a costume party, then photo booth props might not longer a priority as your guest is outfits are their own props.  Some can come as a superhero, princess, celebrities and so many more.  But if your party is not a costume party, then you might needs some props to make the picture more unique and interesting.  You will help to make their time in the photo booths is more fun and awesome.

propsThe most popular props for photo booth are like Black Pipes, Black Monocles, Red Lips closed, Red Lips open, Red Bow Ties etc.  To make this props is very easy.  What you need is just craft foam or paper, scissors, hot glue gun & glue, and skewers.

Step 1:  Create the design.  You may use software to design or draw free-hand. The benefit when design using computer is you can get identical shapes that will be pieced together for each design.  You will save more time.

Step 2:  Once finish design / draw, print it and cut our your shapes.

Step 3:  Glue at the top of a skewer to the foam shape, make sure the pointy end is concealed.  Do the same method in the second shape and place it together such as sandwich

Step 4:  And… you’re done with your prop (ops! 1 props is not enough! the more the merrier)

Step 5:  Repeat steps 1-4 for the rest of your photo booth props.

Step 6: Have a photo shoot! Have Fun!!

Capturing photo with family and friends in the photo booth turns your event wild and crazy but making the props by yourself is a lot more awesome.  This props are not expensive and you can recycle it again and again for your next event. The props show’s how creative you’re as a party host.  The props and the photo will be the moment that you’ll will never forget from the entire event.