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Date: 27th October, 2013
Time: 8.00p.m-10.00p.m
Venue: TGV, 1 utama.

Gravity is a movie that talks about how the Astronauts going to survive in the space of 372 miles above the earth when the debris crashes their space shuttle. How are they going to survive in this critical situation with no communication and drifting alone in the space. In this movie there are only two characters appears as the first is Sandra Bullock and the second one is George Clooney, they are the only two main character in this movie.

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On that day, there are only Medias and few of the peoples that are invited to this event called Gravity Premiere Screening. Those that attended that day to watch Gravity is the first batch to watch it in I-max. The TGV had even prepare some food for the media in the chillax hall before they enter the movie theatre. At the same time they also visited 123cheese photo booth for the photo session. They have alot of fun in out booth with all the customized props such as Astronaut, the helmet, Dont Let Go slogan for the gravity show and etc..


They really gave a very good comment in 123cheese photo booth as they can immediately collect their instants printing photo just after they took picture in our booth as a souvenir and appreciation that they attended this event. Of course the backdrops we use that day bring a little simple that is silver grey it matches the feel of a space.

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This is the templates that 123cheese designer design for this event with the theme of “Dont Let Go” and also the Astronaut is about to fly out.  

Last but not least,we 123cheese.my feel grateful and thankful to the TGV organizer to invites us to this great event and we had alot of fun with you guys.

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