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Some true milestones in a person’s life are the first day of a job, their wedding day, birth of a child or a high school or college graduation. A graduation party commemorates the completion of many years of study and work and is a symbolic send off into a bright future. If you are planning a graduation party for graduates, plan it on a sunny weekend! Pool parties will be a great idea for everyone to have fun!

You can plan activities that tie back to the years the students have spent together. One of the activity ideas would be scavenger hunt where you can list down characteristics that represent a few graduates’ students and let people to guess on it. For example, with specs, good in running, good singer and etc.  You can get a bit nostalgic by planning old fashioned games and activities such as three-legged races, sack races, music chair or activities that are popular when you were studying.

If there are more than 50 students attending this graduation party, place them in a group so they can work together for the last time before graduate. Of course, rewards for the winning group should be something they can share.

It will be better if there is another indoor venue to have a slideshow looping on a large screen that features everyone in the graduating class. Try to have the pictures of the entire length of time that the group has been together. While the slideshow is playing, play recorded music of songs from the same time period. Besides, during the registration you may require all the graduates’ students to write down their memories on a piece of paper and display it on somewhere. It will definitely flash back the time when they were in class together.

One of the best idea on graduation party is hire a Photobooth services! As all of the students are chasing own dream after graduate, they might be far apart from each other. Photo is one of the best souvenir for everyone that allows graduates to flash back the memories. With the customise template, instant photo prints and customize props, students can pose freely and get their photo immediately! Visit 123Cheese.my Photobooth to have more details!

You can act crazily and enjoy unlimited fun with your bestie! Wen you look back after years, it makes you remembered and smile.


You can even take photo with your favorite lecturer:


You can also print it as strip and keep it in your purse.


Lastly, remember to also to spare some free time that allow these young adults to have plenty of time to socialize and enjoy themselves.