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Gift-giving is a common tradition among the people in the Middle East. If you happen to be invited to their homes, let’s make sure you come bearing a gift as a token of goodwill for the host. This is just one of the gift-giving etiquettes in the Middle East and they have a few customs when it comes to the gift but rest assured, if you can find a perfect gift to be given to them; they are going to love you forever.

Visiting a Middle East country and you find yourself stuck on what kind of gift you should bring and when you should gift one? There are a few things you need to know when it comes to gift-giving in the Middle East. Read more to find out.

1. The host

Getting invited to the housewarming or to their home? One of the things you can do is to consider the age of your host if you want to get them a gift. The older they are, the more important the gift has to be. You can bring a decorative gift in a form of our personalised custom cushion or a photo printed canvas. The elderly will appreciate this gift better no matter the occasion. Or perhaps, if you are close to the host, mayhap you can gift them something that is more related to them.

2. The gift

What kind of gifts you should bring to the occasion or to the business meeting with the Middle East people? If there’s any gift that would win their hearts in no time is that they love edible gifts such as cookies, etc. or dates. But when it comes to bringing a food; you need to always remember that it must be halal which contain no pork or any non – halal ingredients and an alcoholic beverage is prohibited.

3. The Occasion

Giving a gift is a way to foster the relationship between people. Usually, during Ramadhan, Hajj or any other celebratory occasions like birthdays, engagements and so on, these occasions will require a family member to bring a gift and they will exchange their gifts with one another. So, if you are anxious to know whether you should bring a gift on a certain occasion; just.. get them a gift. They will love it.

Who doesn’t like a gift? It is such a nice gesture to show your appreciation and certainly, it will win the hearts of those around you. Need fabulous gift-giving ideas in the Middle East? Find your gift-gifting needs covered as we cater to many Middle East countries like Kuwait, Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Eygpt. And if you are in New Zealand or any other countries; no worries as we ship to worldwide.