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Date:31st August, 2013
Venue: Kajang

The Day has come! The day of Aiman & Farah has come, the day that they are going to holds hand and live together as they are going to share their happiness, sadness and story together. God has made them together and hope that they will appreciate and cheer each other.

Groom and Bride Friends and Family

Groom and Bride Friends and Family

On that evening they really enjoy to the max. They enjoy taking photo in 123cheese photobooth as much as they love the bride and groom. They enjoy taking the props and pose whatever pose they like and are able to fully utilise the props.


The bride and the groom of the day.

The bride and the groom of the day.

The groom & bride do also enjoy that photo shooting session that evening as they uses the customized props that 123cheese photobooth has prepared for that event. The backdrop of the day is silver colour as it can make the environment in the photobooth grander.

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The bride and the groom chooses photo strip as their layout design on that day. The design of the photo layout is come from our 123cheese photobooth designer. That day every guests that attend their wedding  had receive this photo as their best souvenir to remembrance this special day.

Here again we 123cheese photobooth wishes this newlyweds congratulation and hope that you had enjoy your special day with 123cheese photobooth. We feel grateful that this newlywed has invited us to her wedding day.

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