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After reading through so many of our articles, you must have a ton of ideas on how to prepare for your special celebration be it a wedding, birthday party or any sort of occasion you may be interested in celebrating with your friends and family. From unique party theme ideas to the types of photo booth designs you can have custom-made, all that and more can be easily found by reading our entertaining yet informative articles.

  • Family T-Shirts

Although we provide photo booth services to anyone interested in creating lasting memories of their celebration that’s also fun to boot, you can strive to make your celebration even more unique and unforgettable by getting custom-made t-shirts created especially for your guests. You can distribute these wonderful personalised birthday t-shirts or custom-printed t-shirts for family a few days before the scheduled event so that they can arrive to the party in style.

  • Friends T-Shirts

You don’t actually have to get self-printed t-shirts for every single one of your guests. It’s sufficient for you to get t-shirts with pictures printed onto it only for those closest to you such as your immediate family members or your best friends. But if the event you’re holding is a large and impersonal one such as a company event, you may need to order DIY custom t-shirts in bulk for the staff working the event or for the attending guests.

  • Logo T-Shirts

Another instance where you might need to buy in bulk custom t-shirt designs is when the event being held is related to the opening of a new company, restaurant, business, etc. For such events, you can easily make your own company logo t-shirts which as the name suggests can be printed with your business’s logo.

All in all, when you pair our marvellous photo booth service with your own custom-designed graphic tees for women, men or children, you’re sure to end up with a memorable and joyous celebration.

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