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Do you still remember birthday parties that how your parents threw for you when you were growing up? What about return the favor on their birthday that can bring immense joy and happiness to them instantly?  If you are planning to throw a birthday party for your father, mother or some elderly in your family, here are some tips for you.

1. Keep this from them

Many elderly people prefer not to celebrate their birthdays, as they think that each birthday reminds them that they are aging. Most of them might be disagree on the celebration, but a surprise will probably make them celebrate the best birthday they have had until date. Convince them by telling them it’s actually celebrating their valuable experience of life instead of celebrating they are aging.

2. Who to Invite

Draw out carefully. Try to invite the closest friends of the birthday person. Avoid inviting not-so-close friends to avoid awkward situation. Of course, close relatives and family members. Elder person does not like people celebrate just for her/him. So, it is not only a wonderful birthday party but also an opportunity for family reunion! It helps in bridging the gap between generations and makes the bonds stronger.

3. Capture the precious moments

It might be seldom for friends and family members gather together. Such celebration and gathering might happen once a few years and every moment are precious and cannot be replaceable. Hire photo booth or photographer to capture valuable moments that the elderly member spends with their friends, family and grandchildren.


4. Theme of the party

One of the popular themes for elderly birthday is Retro style. Encourage invited guests to dress in the same style as birthday boy/girl. This idea will definitely become a huge hit as everyone will go back to their old times when such dresses were in vogue.


5. Music of the day

It will be best if the birthday party has a gramophone to play the music. Of course, CD player playing retro music is alright but gramophone is able to make the whole occasion nostalgic. Choose favourite songs of elderly parents or invite guests to suggest a song per person. This made everyone to feel the participation in preparing.

6. Gifts

Sometimes, it is really hard to choose gifts for an elderly person. If you are choosing gifts, know the taste and preference of the recipient is very important. Hiring photo booth as gifts can be a really great idea. You can share the cost of the photo booth among family members. The birthday boy/girl can always flashed back on how amazing is his/hers birthday by looking at the photos. Besides, instant print photo can also be the door gift of the party.


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So, let’s plan a memorable birthday party for your parents or grandparents. It will definitely bring instant smile for them.