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In general, we only hear talks about door gifts when wedding is involved. The reason why is because it’s customary. For example, Malay weddings always have bunga telur as the door gifts. And it’s quite literal too. Because bunga manggar (the flowery ensemble on a pole) is usually placed at the entrance of a kenduri, which is the wedding reception. So, when you received the bunga telur, it’s literally a gift you get at the door.

Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled talk about door gifts in general sense right now. So, wedding door gifts are usually there to thank the wedding attendees for, well, attending the wedding and celebrating the union of love between the bride and groom. Therefore, obviously you can prepare door gifts for other events and parties to thank your guests too.

So, let’s see what other events personalised door gifts can be relevant to.

  • Weddings

As it is a given. I literally can’t write about door gifts and not list weddings as no. 1.

We’ve talked about how bunga telur used to be the customary door gift in Malay weddings, right? But nowadays, that’s not the case anymore.

These days, young couples tend to get something personalised with their names and the date of their wedding as thank you gifts for their guests. This is simply because personalised wedding gifts usually equal to keepsakes. And they want their guests to keep the gifts and remember their memorable wedding just as they would remember it.

The way to commemorate an event and make it memorable is by little things like that: through custom made gifts and pictures of the event. Which makes door gifts necessary for this next one.

  • Birthday parties

Who wouldn’t want their birthday bash to be the talk of the town, or at least the talk of their social circle?

I know that it’s kinda weird to be the one who is celebrating life and a new age, and yet be the one who prepares the door gifts for one’s birthday party guests. In traditional sense, the one whose birthday party is being held gets to be the one who receives a lot of gifts from the party attendees.

But trust me, if you want people to remember your awesome birthday bash, you need to prepare something cute and practical as door gifts. Or at the very least, you can always prepare a fun birthday photo booth for your party guests, with backdrops and props and all. Those pictures from the photo booth can be the keepsakes from your party. Hence, your birthday equals to memorable event.

Speaking about memorable events, photo booths and door gifts aren’t just for personal events like weddings and birthdays. So, event managers, take note for this next one.

  • Corporate events

Bet you didn’t see this coming, did you? As I have mentioned, premium gifts that are memorable aren’t just for personal events. If you’re organising big events for brand awareness, some campaign, product launch and/or promotion or any corporate event at all, then you should be prepared with some door gifts too.

Door gifts, as in, some appropriate corporate gifts that you can give for your event participants, your potential customers and your targeted demographics. So, you can either get gifts products through exclusive bulk order package depending on the size of your event (to make sure everyone gets a commemorative gift) or you can use photo booth rental service to make sure the event participants get to bring something home other than just the experience.

Think about it. Make memorable events by getting premium door gifts for your guests and create fun memories by renting a photo booth. Check out your options today!