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There is so many type of DIY photo booth.  For example wedding photographer from German Mr. Rocco,  built his own DIY photo booth using a Nikon, an iPad, and a remote shutter release. In order to trigger the shutter, the guest is only need to step on a pedal which it snaps a well-lit photograph and beams the image to the iPad via an Eye-Fi card and the app ShutterSnitch. But this photo booth can’t print out photo strips.

There are so many ways that you can actually set things up for your DIY photo booth and still achieving the same results.  In this article, we want to share a list of equipment and materials for your DIY photo booth!

When we talk about any photo business, camera play a very important rules. Have a quality camera plus great photographer will result to best picture.  Generally speaking, any model of camera can be the best camera if you know the technique.  Always learn  and make some research your camera features that can help you to ensure it make your DIY photo booth experience as smooth as can be.

Photo Paper:
Great picture is not just by using quality camera, but the kind of paper you use to print on it also play an important part to ensure the picture looks even better. People will often doesn’t mind invest in an expensive camera, quality lighting equipment, and branded printer, but dint take serious on photo paper. When using low quality paper, although you have great shot, the picture will look terrible.  So, try to avoid this mistake if you want your customer satisfied with the result.

Photo Printer:
Type of printer is also an important element of your DIY photo booth. This is in order to make photo gift from the image on photo booth.  Make sure before choosing photo printer, you need to do some research by reads reviews on how the printer handles photo prints. You also need to get an info about the quality, size, price, speed when printing & weight of the machine itself.  There’s no such thing as a perfect printer, so take into account the needs of your event and purchase accordingly.

And finally, an extra tips for today, always make sure you have backups! You never knows when your machine not working. No matter what situations you’re having, the show must goes on and that’s why having a backup for your equipment is a must.