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“Every party is fun and exiting, but only a few are memorable enough that the guest might want to have some token to remember that party.”

Have you experience the moment that you are totally out of idea on decorating your party such as wedding, birthday parties, bridal showers and all the other festive season. Have you ever thought of decorating a party is time consuming?

To decorate your party to a memorable yet time saving, i would like to share with you a simple yet awesome DIY Banner from jam and toast that you can make and reuse for every single event.


  • book
  • scissors
  • all purpose glue
  • circle cutter (can be found in the scrapbooking section of craft stores)
  • normal / waxed thread (gives more strength than regular thread)
  • Crepe paper in color of your choice
  • regular string


  1. Start off with your book and tear out some pages, lay them flat.
  2. Adjust your circle cutter to the size you want (I created seven inch circles) and start cutting.
  3. Once you have a lot of circles cut, start folding them in half to create a taco like shape.
  4. Outline one of the taco shape’s side with glue and then align another taco shape to it.
  5. Add one more taco shape so that you have three together to create a pod.
  6. Take three pods and glue them together in the same way. Leave one side open to put the string on it.

Since we are wanting to constantly change our garland we want to make sure it isn’t actually glued to the string. You can do this by glueing the sides together of the last open sides of the pod but keep the string next to the grove area so it doesn’t touch the glue. Let the pods dry and you can even make sure they aren’t drying to the string by constantly moving them around.

Steps to create the decorative book pieces for garland

Steps to create the decorative book pieces for garland



  1. Start off with five sheets of tissue paper and cut it in half.
  2. My tissue paper size ended up being 20 inches long by 5 inches width.
  3. Start folding it like an accordion in two inch increments.
  4. Once you have it completely folded, tie it off with a string.
  5. I cut my two edges as a semi-circle to make it more feminine but you can cut it like a triangle or decide to not cut it at all.
  6. Start by taking one side of the tissue paper and gently pulling it to the center piece by piece.
  7. Continue pulling the tissue paper apart and towards the center till you have one side finished.
  8. Repeat the same steps for the other side. When you are finished you should have a nice full tissue poof.
  9. Finally take the wax thread and thread it underneath the tissue poof’s string so that it is now on the garland.
Steps to create the tissure paper poof pieces.

Steps to create the tissure paper poof pieces.

 Hopefully you find this useful. You can now decorate your party based on theme and make it a memorable one! 🙂