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If you are throwing a small get together or a barbeque party with some of your close friends, then a photo booth rental is not really what you may be looking for because it can be quite costly. Plus it is more suitable if you have a larger invitation. However for smaller gatherings of close friends, you should just make your own photo booth. It is easier than it looks! Today, we are going to share with you some useful tips and ideas on making your own photo booth.

The first thing that you need to do is choose where you want your photo booth to be. Some of the things that you need to bear in mind is the station should have enough space for your guests to line up, and of course enough space for you to set up the photo booth itself (backdrop and a table for props). It should also have great lighting and a wall (to hang/paste your backdrop on).

Now next you’d want to think about the backdrop of the photo booth. The best choice is to opt for something plain or with minimal patterns. This is because a fully patterned backdrop may be too much or a distraction. It may lead the focus of the photo away from the subject and takes the focus onto the backdrop instead. And we don’t want that, so let’s keep the backdrop simple. For backdrops, you may use anything that you have lying around the house. For example, you can use a curtain, a bed sheet or a blanket. As long as it has a wide enough length that enables you to take pictures of your guests from the waists up.

As for the camera, having a DSLR, digital or instant camera is definitely a bonus! But if you don’t have one…there’s no need to cry a river. Just whip out your smartphones and use that instead. The highlight of that is that you can edit it straightaway and upload it via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and share it with your followers instantly.

Now the next important thing to keep in mind when taking a picture, is the lighting. The best lighting in a picture is natural lighting, which is usually during the afternoon to early evening. If your party is held during the night, then find a room that has a white fluorescent light and set up there. Make sure you have the plugs ready for electric supply.

Last but not lease, to add the extra “oomph” of fun into your photo booth, why not d.i.y some props? Get creative, it’s super easy. And if you are not so good with your hands, don’t worry there are even online websites that provide ready templates that you can just print out and cut yourself. Check them out here and here.

Be creative and have fun while making your photo booth. But most of all just enjoy your get together and have a brilliant time catching up with close friends and at the same time capture the memories onto photos so that you can recall those special moments even after years have passed.

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