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Are you in a dilemma of should you, or should you not rent a photo booth for your upcoming event? We have the answer to that, and the answer is YES. Want to know why? Not only can a photo booth encourage interaction, it can also be a source of activity and  a crowd pleaser.

10299952_729184450461064_996324053604499687_nBy having a photo booth at your event, you can encourage interactions between your guests who are not as familiar with each other and avoid the awkwardness that may occur between them. A photo booth can bring them together, mingling and having the time of their lives while enjoying their time posing in front of the camera. They can have fun making silly poses while taking pictures at the photo booth. Indirectly this can be a subject of a conversation between your guests sometime during the event.

A photo booth is also a source of activity during the event. Between other activities like having small talks, eating, laughing and many more… Take a break, gather up a few friends and pose at the photo booth with variety of fun props to choose from. What more with fast instant prints, your guests can keep the photos as a memory from your event for FREE. It’s not every day they can get a fun printed photo for free. They will love the hard copy photos and keep them in places where they can see it, thus keeping your event in their memories for a long time.

Another reason to make photo booths a must at your event is mainly because it is a crowd pleaser and user friendly for everybody including children and adults! For teenagers, instant prints are something unique that they can use to show off their creativity skills by decorating them in scrapbooks or share among friends. For children, the fun props and colourful templates are enough to get them super excited plus making them look adorable. And as for adults, well who doesn’t enjoy making memories with spouses, family and friends and capture them to make it last?

Have we solved your dilemma? Turn that frown into a smile, no more worrying. Create a long lasting memorable event by renting a photo booth.