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Date: 6th september, 2013
Time: 7pm – 10pm
Venue: Best western dua sentral

It’s totally an awesome masquerade party! It will surely be the best memory for Toni Brendish before she left the company! Everyone is having a bombastic and hyper night! Where you had great food, and free flow on any beverage no matter beer, juice or wine anything you want.

From left Anuar, Toni Brendish, Pat.

From left Anuar, Toni Brendish, Pat.

Toni having fun posing with 123cheese props and also the farewell present that her friends gave her. That night was her night, she enjoy that night to the max dancing non stop with all her colleague.2 3 4 Girls 8 censoredThe guest of the day enjoyed to the max! They posing non stop and is all super hilarious, all we 123cheese.my could say Danone Dumex really the best!! They are fun and awesome in person they can do any action without considering their image, and they just want to make sure it is the best and most incredible photo of themselves that night. They make sure they fully utilized every props on 123cheese photobooth

templatesThat night after the dinner and performance the environment went wild with all the club hits, everyone enjoy hemselves on the stage with Toni Brendish. This masquerade party could be a warming party with all the colleugue it will sure touch Toni heart with all the efforts that they put in and organized this awesome farewell party. Finally the photo shooting is almost over. All the guest came to collect their photo with the ready design layout from 123cheese designer.


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