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Tis’ the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la la la…

Christmas is the perfect time to spend your time being around relatives and loved ones.

I am positively sure that on Christmas Eve every family members will gather at a specific house and enjoy having a big feast along with the topic of the conversation being the latest updates on everyone’s life of course! Gossips, life events, embarrassing stories and the list goes on and on!

Christmas parties or gatherings like these are the perfect time to take lots of pictures that you can keep until the many years to come. It is seldom that you get to gather as a big family so during family gatherings such as Christmas parties, to freeze the memories onto photos are something that is really important.

So, why not make the ‘taking pictures’ part as a source of entertainment? Have a photo booth! You can set up your own photo booth as it is super easy to d.i.y. Indirectly, this allows family and relatives to really enjoy their time taking pictures on the day of the event.

To enhance the fun into your d.i.y photo booth, you should add especially customised Christmas props. These will really have a way in bringing the inner child out in all your relatives.

In a photo booth along with fun props, your family will act silly or serious and will laugh about it. The key here is, to bring out the fun in everyone.

Want to learn more on how to customise your own photo booth? Click here to view the following steps, tips and tricks to achieve an awesome photo booth.

If you have many guests coming and just happen to be busy getting everything together, just give 123Cheese a call and let us handle everything from there! 123Cheese can customise everything from backdrops, props, photo frame layout and more!