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School holidays are usually the peak season for most Malaysian couples to wed. When planning a wedding, one of the first important things to decide besides the venue, date and budget, is the theme of your wedding. That’s what we’re going to talk about today. 🙂

A wedding theme is not something compulsory. However if your wedding have a theme, guests will most likely remember it more because it is different from other weddings they might have attended, thus making it remembered and the talk of the town. By having a theme on your special day, you can also reveal your inner creativity and that’s always a bonus! And who knows, maybe you’ll receive compliments from your guests?

Deciding on the theme of the wedding can be the most exciting but also stressful! Why you may ask, because there are just so many to choose from! If you search “wedding theme” into a search engine, you will be presented with endless amount of results and it take forever for you to scroll through everything. To make it easier, you can choose a theme for your wedding based on you and your partner’s favourite colour, book, movie, season and many more!

  1. First thing’s first, sit down with your partner and you wedding planner and brainstorm some ideas of themes that you personally love. Start from the colours that you love, or maybe a theme that you recently saw on a wedding magazine.
  2. Secondly, jot down all the ideas that you came up with.
  3. Then, survey on the internet to get some ideas of what other people are doing. To cut down cost, perhaps you can DIY some decorations.
  4. Finally vote on the theme that you love the most!

Here are a few examples of fun wedding themes:

1. Colour Theme

Royal Blue Reception Decor

Royal Blue

Emerald Green Themed Wedding

Emerald Green

Black and White Themed Wedding

Black & White


2. Vintage Theme

Vintage Themed Wedding


Vintage Themed Wedding



3. Movies, Books and Comics Theme

Marvel Comic Characters Themed Wedding

Marvel Comic Characters

Twilight Themed Wedding

Twilight Breaking Dawn


After you have decided on the theme, that’s when the exciting things begin to happen! You can match and customise anything you want to the theme of your choice. For example, if you have chosen a Disney Frozen theme, one idea is you could decorate your venue with cut out snowflakes out of tissue paper. For the photo booth area, you can decorate it with fake snow and have customised props that complement the theme. Surprise your guests by including a snowman key-chain as a wedding favor. Your guests will be delighted with the cute surprise.

Disney Frozen Theme

DIY your own snowflakes!                                                           DIY your own Olaf key-chain

There are many more theme ideas! It all depends on your creativity. Have fun experimenting with the theme of your wedding. Good luck!